Saturday, February 24, 2007

Getting in shape/I've been BlogTagged

I performed my first vanity search on Technorati the other day. Sure, I've Googled myself over the years just to see what pops up. I'm proud to say that the first three pages of search results for "Brad Linder" are all relevant, with the exception of, which has been registered and "under construction" by someone else for as long as I can remember.

So what did my Technorati search reveal? Mostly blog posts I'd written for PVR Wire, TV Squad, or Download Squad or links to those posts. Nothing too surprising there. But there were a few surprises too. For example, it turns out that Alex Raiano over at TiVo Blog had BlogTagged me back in December, and I'd never noticed. I'm such a bad blogger. I'll get around to writing up 5 things you probably don't know about me soon, I promise.

But on to the other exciting discovery. Could this be the guy who registered That's right, Brad Linder "Get(s) You In Shape." He doesn't say exactly what shape, but I'm going to go with trapezoid. There's a promotional video on the site, but unfortunately Brad's nowhere to be seen.

He does look pretty buff in this picture though, and oddly excited about something. Brad looks a lot taller than me. He played professional basketball for a while in Europe, and now works as a personal trainer and has a DVD for sale. I found him through this blog post.

I wonder how often he Googles himself and how disappointed he is that most of the search results point to technology stories or public radio news reports?

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