Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A few quick updates

We're heading to Paris tomorrow for our honeymoon. Nevermind the fact that we got married 7 months ago. The stars have finally aligned properly. So there won't be any updates to the blog for a week or so.

But I did run across a couple of useful resources for anyone who's been keeping tabs on my Zoom H-4 flash recorder reviews.

First is Zoom's web site for firmware upgrades. The latest firmware is version 1.20, and the major improvement over version 1.0 is a bugfix related to MP3 recordings. Apparently if you're recording an MP3 at 256kbps or variable bitrate with the 1.0 firmware, you might wind up with some excessive distortion. The upgrade should fix that. The interesting thing is that my unit came with firmware version 1.10 installed, so I'm not sure if I should upgrade. That said, I only intend to use my Zoom H-4 to record in WAV or 320kbps MP3 modes anyway. I'll look into upgrading when I get back from Paris.

The other resource I found is a Zoom support forum, with tons of useful user-submitted questions and answers. I expect to spend a lot of time on this forum when I get back.

1 comment:

Peter Chen said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your tip about Odeo you gave in the comment in the post Adding music to your blog: Another easy way. I have updated the blog using your tip and have mentioned your name plus a link to this blog as acknowledgement. Do you have any objection?

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