Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Onion News Network launches

When I'd first heard that The Onion was launching a "TV" news network, I was dubious. Wasn't this just going to be another Daily Show, but this time with clips that might actually be allowed on YouTube?

I'd tried listening to The Onion's radio news in the past. They're kind of funny, but they're too short. I could see how it might be amusing to subscribe to the podcast and incorporate the clips into your playlist. You'd be listening to music, and then suddenly you'd get a 30 second chunk of funny. But on the web, it just didn't seem worth my time to click play.

Well, as Cory Bergman points out at lost remote, the Onion News Network has officially launched. And somehow, video seems more compelling on the web. The Onion's video clips are also much longer than their radio pieces, not to mention much more heavily produced. All in all, the ones I've seen so far are frigging hilarious.

And wisely, the Onion lets you embed the clips on your site (even if it does include advertising), so here's a taste:

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