Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You can't believe everything you read on blogs

If you're thinking to yourself, that doesn't look like a map of Paris, you're right. We ran into a few issues on our way to France, and wound up canceling our European vacation for a local vacation in our own backyard.

After spending about 7 hours on the phone trying to convince U.S. Airways that we wanted to transfer the credit from our flight to a domestic one we still weren't convinced that the proper paperwork had been filled out. Several times we were told that we had tickets to North Carolina, but when we called back to double check, the person we spoke to could find no evidence to support our claim.

Finally we decided we'd rather not drive to the airport in the morning and deal with another U.S. Airways employee, so we booked a hotel at a cute little B&B about 15 minutes from New Hope and snuggled in for a few days.

And can I just say, even after an abbreviated vacation, it's amazing how much reading I have to catch up on. Once you take the time to sign up for a few hundred RSS feeds, they keep providing you interesting things to read!

I think the only way to get back on track is going to be by picking a couple of my favorite feeds to catch up on and marking all the rest as read. For the most part I spend my time with Google Reader looking for articles, tips, and blog entries related to software and digital media to write about for Download Squad and PVR Wire. And once a technology story's been in the blogosphere for a couple of days, it's probably been blogged to death by a thousand different sites, so I'm willing to let it go.

If taking a long weekend off has taught me anything, it's that it's important to spend some time away from the computer every now and again. And that's just not something I could do if I had to spend the next three days catching up on the last five days worth of news. Time to look ahead.

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