Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Journalist/blogger Josh Wolf released from prison

Having spent more than 7 months in jail, Josh Wolf has served more time in jail to protect his sources than any other journalist. He was freed yesterday after reaching an agreement with prosecutors.

In 2005, Wolf filmed a San Francisco protest that coincided with the G-8 summit. During the protest a police officer's skull was fractured and a police car was set on fire.

Wolf posted portions of the video on his website, but refused to turn over his raw footage to federal investigators. He said that the video did not show any crimes being committed, but that he did not want to identify the people in his video.

As part of a compromise measure, Wolf eventually agreed to hand over the video, but refused to testify before a grand jury. That way, he believes he will still be able to protect the anonymity of his sources.

Wolf has posted the raw video footage on his web page.

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