Monday, April 2, 2007

Public radio theme songster BJ Leiderman laments the state of modern music

Back in prehistoric times, when I was in college and considered public radio something to listen to rather than a way to make a living, I noticed something. An awful lot of the theme songs on national radio shows, were written by the same composer.

At the closing credits of programs including Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Marketplace, the same name kept popping up: BJ Leiderman. A friend of mine used to joke that it would be fun to become BJ Leiderman superfans, start web sites and follow him on tour.

Flash forward about 12 years, and I find myself on the same mailing list as the prolific composer. This is almost up there with realizing that I'm writing for the same web site as Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wil Wheaton.

Anyway, if anyone's been wondering what Leiderman's been up to, he's got a lengthy commentary on the state of modern music in the style of an "American Pie" parody. Or you can check out his complete web page (complete with lyrics).

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