Tuesday, April 3, 2007

ThinkGeek 8-bit tie becomes real

Wow, didn't see that coming. The other day I posted that ThinkGeek's April Fool's joke tie should be a real product. It turns out that thousands of folks had the same idea.

Now it turns out that ThinkGeek is giving the public what they want. As Laughing Squid points out, the company has decided to make a real tie based on the concept.

The product page now includes the following note:

"Hey! You! Quit emailing us to make this for REAL already ;) We promise, we'll make it. In fact we are already working on it. You've just forced our hand! Click the 'email me when available' link above to get notified! Thanks! I guess the joke is on us this year :p"


Interestingly, the price has gone up from $15 to $20. I guess there's a $5 premium on making dreams come true.

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