Tuesday, April 3, 2007

XLR to 1/4th inch cables

Google never ceases to amaze me. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my little page was the 7th item shown by Google if you searched for "how many song will fit into 400MB."

Everyone says the key to increasing your Google page rank is to pick one topic and blog about it all the time. But that's what I do for PVR Wire and Download Squad. This blog is an outlet for my thoughts on everything from blogging to radio to 8-bit neckties.

So how is it that this page has become the number 1 listing for "XLR to 1/4th inch cable?" I don't sell cables, I don't make cables. I'm not even much of an expert on cables. In fact, I don't even own an XLR to quarter-inch cable right now. When I need to plug a sound source into my Zoom H-4, I need to use a quarter inch adapter.

Anyway, to the poor lost soul that got directed to this site, what you're probably looking for is something like BSW or Sweetwater. Or you can try searching for "XLR to quarter inch cable" or "XLR to TRS cable."

Either of those is more likely to get you what you're looking for. Sorry about any mixup, but thanks for stopping by.

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