Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One day lists will rule the world

So the other day I wrote up a list of 5 gadgets for podcast and radio producers on a budget. This was part of a "group writing project," where hundreds of bloggers are writing top 5 lists.

The contest/project has been hugely popular, partly because there's a chance to win $1001 dollars, and partly because top 5 lists are pretty easy to come up with for pretty much any topic you can think of. While 10 items might take a bit of work, odds are you can think of your top 5 TV shows, movies, books, songs, favorite vacation spots, or most embarrassing moments in life without too much effort.

All of which is to say that nearly 400 people have submitted entries in just the first two days of the contest. I'd hoped to find time to read through some of my fellow bloggers' entries, but there's no way I'll ever find the time. While a large number seem to deal with blog-writing tips (after all, the contest is being run by a site called problogger), there are a number of other topics covered. Here are a few I checked out today:
I like how each blogger was able to write a list that fit into their own niche, be it drawing cartoons or chronicling Zombie-related news.

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