Wednesday, May 9, 2007

PC World shakeup part 2

Last week PC World editor Harry McCracken tendered his resignation after the magazine's new CEO told him to kill a story titled "10 Things We Hate About Apple." What a difference a week makes.

Today, McCracken has his job back and that CEO has been demoted to VP of online strategy.

The whole story involves a sordid tale of advertising interfering with editorial content. Although former CEO Colin Crawford denies that he wanted to kill the story because Apple was an advertiser, it's unlikely McCracken would have quit his job had he not felt there was some serious advertorial meddling going on.

Meanwhile, PC World did eventually run the disputed article -- and it turns out it's nothing to write home about. Macs aren't as good as PCs for gaming, and there's no support for Blu-Ray discs yet. Meh.

IDG, which publishes PC World and Macworld will be conducting a search for someone to replace Crawford as CEO of the magazines.

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