Friday, May 4, 2007

Search engine traffic to new sites continues to rise

Hitwise has released some data on online news trends over the last year. A few interesting facts:
  • News aggregators such as Google News, Yahoo! News and the Drudge Report continue to be the leading source of traffic for news web sites.
  • Google and other search engine traffic for news sites is on the rise: in March 2007, print and broadcast news sites received about a third more search engine traffic than in March 2006.
  • There's been a huge increase in traffic to multimedia websites, driven in part by news events featuring user-generated video such as the death of Steve Irwin and Saddam Hussein's execution.
  • Celebrity gossip blogs seeing huge jumps in traffic, with the top 20 gossip blogs getting major boosts following events related to Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith.
[via Online News Squared]

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