Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Top umpteen reasons to quit/keep your job

The internet likes lists. OK, the internet's an inanimate network of computers and could care less what you write. But people like lists because they're easy to digest. Give me a topic, and I'll show you a list that's been made into an email forward, submitted to Digg, and plastered all over the internet.

But that doesn't make them any less interesting/funny. Freelance Switch has written up the top 10 reasons you should quit your job and become a freelancer. Some of the highlights:
  • Because the only time you should be in a cubicle is when you’re in a restroom
  • Because commuting to a freelancer means moving from your bedroom to your study
  • Because for freelancers casual fridays means working in your underpants
I have to say, the second one on my condensed list ain't always a good thing. I'm definitely not in the shape I was when I actually had to, you know, leave the house more often.

But freelancing's been good to me so far. It's a bit stressful never quite knowing if you're going to have enough assignments this month to pay the bills next month. Or whether you'll get paid this month for work you did last month.

I don't have paid vacations or benefits (although I do get to be on my wife's insurance policy, sot that helps. Thank you Farrah!), and I have to pay self-employment tax. But all told, I'm on track to make more money this year than I did last year when I had a full-time job for most of the year. And I get to pick and choose what I'm working on. If I was a bit less picky, I'd probably be making even more money.

Anyway, this is hardly the first time the topic's come up, so here are a few other lists:


Jack said...

Thanks Brad! Yes - I have become a fattie since freelancing. But a happy fattie!! :)

Helen the Rabbit said...

The "10 reasons you should never get a job" is funny! In general, I agree that leaving the house and seeing people are two of my reasons for working. But, they are also my top two reasons for my sick days, which applies to me because I'm not a freelancer.

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