Thursday, June 7, 2007

Download Squad Switcher Podcast launches

After a several month hiatus, I can call myself a podcaster again. When PVR Wire was absorbed into TV Squad, the PVR Wire podcast kind of went gently into that good night.

But over at Download Squad we've launched a limited edition podcast today. With Windows Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Linux both launching this year, it's been an interesting time for software geeks. So we've decided to do a series on switching from one operating system to another.

In the first episode, I speak with Download Squad writers Grant Robertson and Alex Hung about their experiences using Ubuntu. In future episodes I plan to speak with other members of the DLS team about switching from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and switching from Windows to OS X.

We'd love to interview someone who's moved from OS X or Linux to Windows, but we're not really sure there are many folks out there in this boat. If you happen to know someone who's made the switch and who would be willing to participate in an upcoming podcast, let me know.

You can download the podcast or subscribe to the podcast series at Odeo to automatically download future episodes.

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