Friday, June 22, 2007

The pictures tell the story

Last week Dave Zatz organized a little blogger get together in New York. And the digital prints have finally been developed (uploaded from a flash card) to prove it.

From left to right, that's Kevin Toefel of jkOnTheRun, Mari Silbey of Connected Home 2 Go, me, Dan Dorato of Uneasy Silence, and Dave Zatz.

Considering how much time I spend reading blogs and corresponding with bloggers, it's always interesting to actually meet the people behind the websites. One of the strange things about this web 2.0/blogging world, is that you can collaborate on all sorts of projects without ever meeting your coworkers.

When I was still living in Princeton, I traveled into Manhattan exactly one time to attend a brief Weblogs Inc training session at AOL headquarters. I met a few folks who wrote for other blogs, but nobody who was writing for the blogs I worked on at the time.

In fact, there are at least 17 bloggers over at Download Squad, and we send a pretty health number of emails back and forth. But the first time I'd ever heard any of their voices was when we started our first limited podcast series a few weeks ago. It was actually kind of exciting to have an active conversation about operating systems, software, and some of the other things we're all so passionate about.

Anyway, it was great to have a chance to talk with Kevin about podcasting, Mari about switched digital, and to tease Dan mercilessly about being a Apple fanboy.


Mari said...

Seriously. Switched digital. Does it get any more exciting than that? ;) -Mari Silbey (aka Sibley)

Brad Linder said...

Spelling was never my strong suit, which is probably why I chose a career in radio. Give me a few years, and I'll get the hang of this blogging thing.

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