Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anchorwoman Canceled: even T&A doesn't sell local news

Fox has canceled Anchorwomanafter just one episode. I'm not going to delve into this one too extensively, since the subject's been covered in depth by my friends at TV Squad. But wow.

I have a tendency to watch TV shows and movies about journalism. Sure, it's navel-gazing stuf for me, but I find it fascinating to see how other people see my profession. Even if it's within the confines of a reality TV show. I was one of three people who watched Tabloid Wars on Bravo last year.

I'm not sure if Anchorwoman showed TV news in a positive or negative light. I'm not sure if the show was funny because of the model-turned-newscaster or because of the reactions from those around her in the newsroom. And I'm not sure how much of what we saw in the first two episodes really happened, and how much was the product of people hamming for the camera and creative folks having too much fun in the editing room.

But I am surprised to find that even a blonde in a bikini can't get people to watch a TV show about television news. Perhaps people just don't care where the news comes from. But I kind of thing that media literacy is a good thing, even if we pick it up from reality TV.

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