Thursday, August 16, 2007

Publish2 blog roundup: the day after

So yesterday Scott Karp goes and announces a new social news service based around journalists. It won't be up and running for a while yet, but he wanted to build buzz, and it seems to have worked.

Here are a few thought provoking articles written by media bloggers:
All of which is to say, Publish2 might be a great idea. Or it might be redundant. But until it actually launches, it will be hard for journalists to decide if it adds any value to their daily routines or for news consumers to decide if it helps keep them informed.

Maybe Karp made his announcement a bit too early. Since it's not ready to launch, it's hard to describe exactly how the service will work. But by the same token, it's not too late to retool Publish2 in order to take criticism and advice into consideration. Karp left a comment on at least one of the above blogs suggesting that he'll consider implementing some of the author's suggestions.

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