Saturday, October 6, 2007

New field recorders category

Over the last few weeks I've been writing a lot about new field recorders. This is both because I've been thinking about buying a replacement/companion for my trusty Zoom H4, and because those pesky audio equipment companies keep coming out with new toys.

So I've created a new label for field recorders. If you want to check my latest news and reviews on flash audio recorders, just click on the field recorders tag in the label cloud on the right side of your screen.

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Eldad said...

Modifications for the Sony D-50
I got a few requests for installing the modifications I described some time ago (charging the batteries without removing them, and power on indication on standby), and also about availability of a parts and instructions kit.

I now have a kit of parts (just 3 parts needed) and instructions that I can send to those interested in doing it themselves. Caution: I recommend this only to electronics technicians familiar with working with surface mount miniature boards and components.

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