Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Selling a Sharp MD-SR50 minidisc recorder

Hey, if anyone's in the market for a cheap minidisc recorder, I'm selling a Sharp MD-SR50 on eBay.

The SR50 is almost identical to the Sharp MD-SR60. The only difference is that this model doesn't come with a remote control. It includes a line input, mic input, and the ability to change record levels on the fly by pushing the record volume up and down buttons. That's something that most Sony minidisc recorders (and newer consumer-oriented flash audio recorders for that matter) are missing.

I bought this recorder as a backup and have barely ever used it. But it was used when I picked it up. So while it's in great condition, I can't account for all the wear and tear. And to be perfectly honest with you, one of the reasons I'm selling it is that the preamps are much noisier than those on my trusty Sony MZ-R50 recorder.

It works great if you need a backup recorder for playing minidiscs. It also records crystal clear audio if you use the line input. But I wouldn't recommend using a dynamic microphone with this unit for broadcast purposes. Podcast, maybe, but not broadcast.

Anyway, eBay being what it is, I have no idea what this will sell for, but I suspect you'll be able to pick it up for under $50.

And it's sold.

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