Friday, October 26, 2007

Sound Devices 702/722 series adds FLAC, MP2, and MP3 support

Sound Devices has released a firmware upgrade for its high-end digital audio recorders. Version 2.34 works with all recorders in the 7-series, including the 702, 722, and 744.

The update adds support for MP2 and MP3 compression, as well as the FLAC lossless codec. All three formats allow you to cram a bit more audio on your hard drive or storage card. MP2 and MP3 are lossy codecs, meaning you sacrifice some sound quality in the process, but FLAC recordings should sound identical to WAV audio recordings even though they take up about half the space.

Sound Devices has also released Wave Agent, a Windows-only utility for converting FLAC recordings to Broadcast Wave files.

[via RadioCamp]

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