Saturday, October 27, 2007

Videos of the Zoom H2 in action

If you want to get a good look at the Zoom H2 digital audio recorder in action without driving to your local music store, a few people have been kind enough to post detailed videos on YouTube.

In this video from the Portland Music Company, you can see all the little extras that come with the H2 recorder, like the mic stand and mic clip adapter. Notice how the mic clip struggles to hold the weight of the H2 though.

You can also check out some higher quality sample recordings at the company's website.

The second video comes from MystroB.

In this tutorial, you get a good look at the SD card slot (which looks kind of flimsy), and the bottom of the unit where you can screw in the stand and mic clip adapter. It looks a bit sturdier than I'd expected for cheap plastic.

You also get the sense that the Zoom H2 is tiny when compared with the H4, Marantz PMD660, and pretty much any other prosumer digital audio recorder on the market today. Either that, or this guy has huge hands.

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