Sunday, December 2, 2007

Announcing Eee Site

I've realized that this blog has become a bit of a mish mosh of news about digital audio recorders, podcasting, radio, and the Eee PC. One of these things is not (much) like the others, so I've decided to launch a spinoff site: Eee Site.

I'm not sure if I have the energy to update two sites in addition to my daily blogging routine over at Download Squad, Green Daily, TV Squad. Oh yeah, and I still manage to squeeze some time in for radio occasionally.

So for now, Eee Site contains mirrors of most of the articles I've written about the Eee PC. My goal is to continue publishing future articles about Eee news and tips over at Eee site. When those articles are related to blogging, audio production, and/or journalism I may mirror the posts on this site as well. It's all still an experiment and a work in progress. I may dump the whole thing and just keep publishing all of my non Weblogs Inc posts on this site.

But if you've only been reading this site for Eee news and couldn't care less about digital audio recorders, you might want to check out Eee Site.

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