Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Record pro audio on an iPod with Belkin Podcast Studio

Tired of reading about fancy $400+ digital audio recorders? Well Belkin's got one that will only set you back $100. You know, if you already have an iPod. The Belkin Podcast Studio is basically a sleeve for an iPod that lets you record uncompressed WAV audio to your iPod's hard drive.

The Podcast Studio includes XLR and 1/4th inch cables, a recodign meter, gain control, and compressor/limiter feature. It's due out in June and should work with the 5G iPod, iPod Classic, and 3G iPod Nano.

The advantage to this setup is that you get a ton of recording time using your iPod's hard drive. The downside is that you've got two separate electronics devices, which means there are more parts that can possibly break. Still, if you've already got the iPod, this might be one of the cheapest devices you'll find for recording CD-quality WAV files using an XLR microphone. No word on what kind of preamps the Podcast Studio has, so I'll withhold any final judgement on sound quality until someone posts a real world review.

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