Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Olympus LS-10 audio samples

Online retailer StartStop has posted some audio samples recorded with an Olympus LS-10. These are the first samples I've heard from the recorders, and StartStop was kind enough to post stereo WAV files instead of MP3 files. So the recordings reflect real world conditions.

Overall, the recordings show that the internal mics are pretty sensitive and are perfect for picking up sound from across the room if you're doing something like recording a lecture. To my ear they're a bit too sensitive for use for a radio interview, as they do seem to pick up a bit more room tone than I'd like. But I don't really hear much extraneous hiss, which would seem to indicate that the preamps are good.

Has anyone who's purchased an LS-10 plugging an external microphone yet? How does it sound with a dynamic mic like the EV RE-50 or Shure SM58?

[via Philip Graitcer]

1 comment:

Carl Williams said...

The LS10 is a good recorder but if you want to record dictation it lack a cue and review. The elite dictation recorder can rewind and review.

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