Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Which ThinkGeek fake products do you wish were real?

Online store for geeks ThinkGeek has a history of advertising fake, but kind of cool products on April Fool's Day, and this year is no different. The store is filled with listings for products that don't exist. And for the most part, they really shouldn't exist.

But last year, ThinkGeek included one item in its roundup that was so compelling that many users wrote in and suggested the company should develop a real product. And so they did. Now you can buy an 8-bit tie, which is a necktie that looks like a pixelated representation of a tie from a video game.

Which brings us to today's question. Which of the following fake products do you wish were real?
In other news, April Fool's is a tough day to be a blogger. Roughly only 50% of everything you read on the internet today is fake. I guess on the bright side, at least today you know why the other half is fake today. Tomorrow there's no excuse.

Update: In what's starting to look like an annual tradition, ThinkGeek ha decided to make the Personal SoundTrack T-Shirt into a real product.

They've upped the price a bit. It'll set you back $40. But once available, you'll be able to walk around with a T-shirt that sports an embedded speaker and comes with a pocketable remote control for controlling playback of various tracks.

Need some walking down the street music? Just hit a button. A friend tells you some shocking news about her famil? Press another. Going swimming? Take off your shirt for god's sake!

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