Saturday, May 30, 2009

The new office... so far

We've been living in the new house for about a week now, and things are coming along. Every day or two we find some new little disaster that needs dealing with. It turns out that the dishwasher is leaking, and the central air conditioning unit either needs fixing or replacing. But the washer and dryer work, our new sink is awesome, and most of our kitchen cabinets are in place.

And my new office is still filled with boxes and junk because I've been too busy to set things up properly, but that's on my to do list for this weekend. I decided that I've outgrown a single desk setup, so we picked up a second desk from Ikea a few weeks ago. Right now it's covered with odds and ends, but eventually I hope to use it to give myself a little extra workspace.

We also picked up an office chair for $30 from a secondhand store. It's far more comfortable than the desk chair I had been using, and it's at least $100 cheaper than anything I would have picked up from an office supply store.

Sharp eyed viewers will also notice that the windowsills have been ripped off. We have a guy fashioning replacements which should be in place in the next week or two. Did I mention this room is still a work in progress?

But all told, there's plenty of room for me, my computers, boxes of files, and some recording equipment. There's even a closet which I'm going to use for storage and as an occasional voice booth when I need to do radio work from home. That's the nice thing about converting a spare bedroom into a home office. They tend to come with closets, which are excellent at damping sounds if you throw a few shirts and a pair of pants or two in there.

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