Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Digital Audio Editing software

Aviary just launched a web-based audio editing application called Myna, and it's honestly the first one I've tried that I would actually consider using. It's free, works from any web browser, and lets you upload, record, edit, and mix audio in multitrack sessions. I've written up a more detailed overview for Download Squad.

In other news, Avid came out with a consumer oriented version of Pro Tools this month called Pro Tools M-Powered Essential. Like other Pro Tools software, you need to purchase hardware in order to use the application. But Pro Tools M-Powered Essential will only set you back between $99 and $129, because the company offers it with relatively inexpensive hardware including a USB microphone, a guitar input, or a 49-note keyboard.

Avid sent me a copy of Pro Tools Vocal Studio, the version that comes with a mic. I'm pretty impressed with the microphone so far. It's almost like paying $99 for a decent quality USB mic and getting Pro Tools thrown in for free. I'll be writing up a more detailed overview of my experiences with the software soon at Download Squad, but in the meantime here's a brief unboxing video:

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