Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harvesting peas

It's official. I'm not going to be buying snow peas from the farmers market again this spring. Last weekend I was a bit annoyed to notice that one of my favorite farm stands had boxes and boxes of snow peas to sell while I only had two pods growing in my garden.

A few days and a fair amount of rain apparently makes a big difference. Peas are popping up all over the place, and I suspect that I'll be able to harvest enough to throw in some stir fry every two or three days for at least the next month or so.

Of course, that's assuming two things:

  1. I can keep myself from eating fresh-picked peas as snacks before they make it to the kitchen.
  2. I can find space in the planters for the other veggies I want to put outside in the next few weeks.

Nearly every planter of a reasonable size on our roof is now overflowing with snow pea plants. But if I want to be able to grow green beans, peppers, and tomatoes this summer I'm going to need to put them out soon.

The beans I'll just plant directly in the soil near the snow peas so that by the time the peas start to die off from the heat the beans should be starting to take their place -- but they still need enough space to get some sunlight while they get started.

The peppers and tomatoes are going to need a little more space... assuming the little guys growing in my windowsill get big and strong enough to brave the wild rooftop of south Philly soon.

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