Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Google Juice

In the brief period that this blog has been around, most of its traffic has come from people looking for information about PDAs, the Zoom H4 recorder, or in at least one case, my Karaoke Revolution: American Idol review.

But overall, it's not like there's been a ton of traffic on this site. That said, I'm fascinated by my latest discovery. One person was directed to my site today after typing "how many song will fit into 400MB " into Google. He was directed to a post that I wrote about preparing for a trans-Atlantic flight by cramming as many TV programs I've recorded on my PVR onto a 6GB microdrive as I can.

Here's the funny part. It turns out that this blog is the 7th listing when you type that specific question into Google. If you type "Brad Linder" into Google, this blog doesn't even show up on the first page of listings.

I've always wanted to be an expert on something. Of course, I was talking about TV shows, and he was looking for information on songs. So I didn't really answer his question.

For anyone else who happens to search for "how many song will fit into 400MB," or 500MB, or 6GB, or anything else for that matter, here's the real answer: It depends.

If you're talking about uncompressed CD-quality WAV recordings, the answer is that you can store about 45 minutes worth of music. At an average of 4 minutes per song, that'd be about 11 songs.

If you're talking about MP3 files at 128kbps, then one minute of music takes up about 1 megabyte. So that'd be about 100 songs in 400MB. But your MP3s might not all be 128kbps. Or they might not be MP3s. They could be AAC, WMA, OGG, or any number of other formats. So really, it's hard to say how many song [sic] you can fit on 400MB.

Hope that helps.

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