Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's been one week since you planted me...

It's amazing how quickly some plants sprout. It's been just over a week since I planted scallion and garlic chives in my seed tray, and the onion side is choc full of healthy green sprouts.

The garlic chives side of the tray, on the other hand, is a bit of a wasteland. It's a bit early for me to decide if this is because it just takes chives longer to sprout than scallions, or if the conditions aren't as good for the little guys. My guess is it's at least partially the former, because every day I see a little more growth from the chives, but just a little.

The biggest problem I'm going to face if this keeps up is that the scallions may be ready to plant outdoors before the garlic chives. If I were just going to pull them out of the tray and plant them in containers on the rooftop, that would be fine. But I want to spend at least a few days hardening them off instead, which means setting the tray outside for a few hours at a time to get the onions used to outdoor conditions gradually.

Next time I'll have to think about making sure all the plants I pop into a seed tray together have similar germination periods so that everybody's ready to go outside at the same time.

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