Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's too early to start planning menus, but I have my first vegetable garden success stories today.

After soaking my snow peas in water for two days and then sandwiching them between several damp paper towels for two more days, several seeds have started sprouting little tails.

Later today I'll probably take these sprouts up to the roof and move them into their permanent homes, since snow peas are tolerant of cold weather.

I also filled a seed tray with soil this weekend and dropped in dozens of bunching onion and garlic chive seeds.

Yesterday afternoon I saw some of the first onion sprouts poking through the soil, and this morning there are even more -- and I spotted my first garlic chive growth.

These guys are all a bit fragile to put outside at this point, but hopefully within another week or two (or maybe three), I'll be able to set them outside.

I'm still waiting for the bok choy and spinach seeds I ordered to arrive, but as soon as they do I'll probably get to work on those as well. I also picked up some cold weather tolerant beans this weekend, but I'll probably wait until closer to April to plant those.

My original plan had been to wait until it starts to get too warm for the snow peas and to plant the beans amongst the snow peas and by the time I was ready to pull out the peas, the beans would be ready to take over. But if these new beans are more cold weather tolerant, I might start a few in their own planters to improve the chance of harvesting snow peas and green beans at the same time.

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